How much does it cost?

Training Passport is free for individual end-users. We offer a number of subscription levels for organisations depending upon on their size and desired feature-set. Please contact us to arrange a demo, request a quotation or for more information.

My organisation is trialling Training Passport. What happens after the trial?

When the trial period ends, your organisation will have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using our services or cancel their subscription. Upon cancellation, you will be notified and be able to download your personal training data for at least 30 days after the trial period ends. After this further period your data will be marked for deletion.

My colleagues are trialling Training Passport. How can I join the trial?

If you work for the same organisation you can contact your Training Passport administrator who can invite you to the party. If you work for a different organisation please contact us – we are keen to roll out our service as wide as possible.

My employer doesn't subscribe to Training Passport. Can I still use it?

During our preview period you will require an invite code to join, but we are planning to welcome individual users without an employer subscription. Of course your organisation will miss out on all of the added benefits Training Passport provides! Note that individual accounts may be sponsored or supported by third-party advertising and some of the features may be limited or unavailable. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if I move to a new employer?

You will need to contact us to update your account. You and your previous employer will continue to have access to your historic training and attendance records. If your new employer subscribes to Training Passport they will be able to see your new training records with them (but not records associated with your previous employer). Likewise your previous employer will not have access to training records associated with your new employer. You will have access to both - should you wish to share your history with your new employer you can download your data and send it to them directly. Alternatively if you prefer, you can request we delete your account and start a fresh.

What if we want to cancel our subscription?

Sorry this isn't really a frequently asked question! You are free to cancel at any time. Our subscriptions are billed monthly or annually in advance (dependant on which plan you choose). To cancel, simply contact us before your next renewal date (i.e. before the next billing period starts and payment is due again). Your subscription will terminate at the end of current billing period. As a precaution your existing data will be retained for a further 60 days.

How can I get an Invite Code to join?

During our initial preview we require a invitation code to join - this is to help us manage the demand on our services as we scale up. Invite codes are given to organisations trialling our service but we also have a waiting list you can join as an individual. Please register your interest to join the waiting list.

Do you have an App?

Yes of course... We've created a web application for use on Google Android and Apple iOS devices. The app has been designed to provide quick access for busy individuals whilst on the go. A link to install the application is provided within Training Passport.

Can I download or export my training record?

Yes individuals can download their training history - this is ideal for use in annual appraisals, sharing with a new potential employer or when writing professional development reports (e.g. for revalidation). Additionally, presenters can download their presenting history including a list of locations and attendees - this can be useful to demonstrate teaching experience, quantify departmental output or to help evidence seminar hours (e.g. for MVP reports). All downloads are provided in either Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or Plain Ascii Text (.csv) format - the latter of which is a universal format which lends itself to import to in-house or third-party systems.

I forgot to log my attendance at a session? Can I correct this?

Yes. If your attendance link has expired please contact your organisation's Training Passport administrator. They can register your attendance to a specific session retrospectively on your behalf.

What virtual webinar platforms do you support?

All of them - you can embed a web meeting link to any virtual conferencing platform - including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, GotoWebinar, Livestream, Cisco Webex, YouTube, Zoho Meeting and many more.

Can I view a recording of a session that I attended or that I was unable to attend?

This rather depends upon your organisation, the conferencing platform they use and whether they chose to record that specific session. Some organisations do this routinely, others record only key events and some never. After the session has concluded, Training Passport will continue to provide you with a link to the conferencing seminar/meeting - on some platforms this may offer you a recording of the session if it was recorded. Alternatively, your Training Passport administrator may update the description to include a link to the recorded session after the event. Otherwise, please contact your TP administrator.

Can I log attendance at face-to-face events or just online webinars?

You can log attendance at both. We provide a QR code which can be scanned by attendees meeting face-to-face in real life events. The code can be displayed on the main presentation screen during the session or printed by the door for scan upon entry/exit. For virtual events, we provide an attendance web link which can be posted in the chat by the presenter/host and clicked by attendees.

The log attendance QR code or link tells me it has expired?

Attendance is intended to be logged immediately - during the session - to prove you attended at the time. Accordingly links/codes only remain valid for a short period and then expire to prevent misuse. If Wifi/Internet access during the session is problematic, you can install our dedicated Training Passport App (beforehand, when you do have a reliable connection). The app will allow you to log attendance during the session (even without internet access - sending the information to our servers later once you are connected). If you need to log your attendance for a specific session which has now expired, please contact your Training Passport administrator who can log your attendance retrospectively on your behalf.

Do you provide training content as part of the subscription?

No, we don't create training material, but we can help enterprise organisations host their existing training material and videos. Please contact us if this is of interest. We are also open to affiliations with training content provides - if this is you please reach out.

Is Training Passport affiliated with or endorsed by any professional or trade bodies?

Training Passport is new to market, so its still early days for us at this moment. We are currently taking part in a trial within Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (London) which we hope will be rolled out wider - to other NHS Trusts throughout the country. Professional and trade body affiliations are also something we are keen to explore and hope to tailor our solution to the needs of specific bodies as our solution matures. Please let us know which professional bodies you think we should prioritise first!

How secure is my data?

We take security very seriously. All of the training data is stored in an encrypted database - on Microsoft Azure cloud based servers residing wholly within the EU. Microsoft Azure is approved as a cloud provider by the UK government and NHS and has a raft of security accreditations, including ISO 27001:2013 compliance and HIPAA regulatory alignment. For added security, Training Passport supports two-factor authentication on all end-user accounts. We also perform regular security audits of our infrastructure and have a dedicated security incident response plan in place. Please refer to our Terms and our Privacy Policy for how we process and handle your data. For data processing within the EU, we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) under the Data Protection Act (Registration number: ZA243844). Outside of the EU, we operate under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework where permissible (the replacement for the EU Safe Harbor Framework).

Who has access to my training data?

Your training records are available to you and your organisation's Training Passport administrators. Presenters are also able to view attendees of their sessions including any feedback left for them (anonymously or attributed at your discretion). Please refer to our Terms and our Privacy Policy for more information about how we process and handle your data.

I have a problem with Training Passport

We're sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with more details.

I have a feature request or suggestion

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us with more details.